Common policy for quality, environmental and saftety and health at work management

Quality in ITW Metalflex is understood as a way of meeting and overcoming of the customers’ expectations who buy our products and services. At the same time we are aware of the great concern for environmental treatment and taking care of safe and healthy working environment. Common policy, in particular, binds all the employees to maintain and continuously improve the existing system for quality, environmental and safety and health at work management in accordance with the expectations of our customers, owners and requirements imposed by the law, as well as with other requirements to which we agreed.

Quality, care for environmental protection and safety and health at work represent a fundamental and most important value of business, therefore a common policy of ITW Metalflex represents an effort made by the management and the employees that in the future we will:

- determine ways of business for services and products, demands for quality, environmental and safety and health at work management;

- use an adjusted way of development planning and annual planning of business in order to assure a systematic implementation of measures for a continuous quality improvement, for the reduction of environmental influences and for prevention of injuries at work;

- perform a systematic training for the employees who, with their behaviour, influence the quality, the environmental treatment and safety and health at work;

- take care of an adjusted realization of interests and expectations of our product customers, of the environment, of the employees and economic requirements of company’s owners;

- systematically monitor and confirm the quality of our products, services and organization systems, including the supervision of independent authorised institutions;

- monitor and measure the key parameters of our operation, which can significantly affect the quality, environment and safety and health at work, and will on the basis of this take a corrective and preventive actions;

- take care of an efficient use of energy and of waste minimization;

- work on reduction of risks for extraordinary events and improve the procedures of action in case they happen;

- respect the legal requirements to which we agreed or which have been followed by our customers;

- achieve the agreed level of quality with our products and will strive to exceed our customers’ expectations;

- give priority to suppliers and materials which will provide a higher level of quality and will be environment friendly;

- provide the accepted policy to be respected as a frame for setting the targets, to be respected, realized and maintained on all levels of organization;

- provide the accepted common policy to be available for public in an appropriate form and that everybody who works for the company or in the name of the company, including our customers and suppliers, will be acquainted with its content in an appropriate manner.


Focusing positive energy of all employees towards the set targets, we will be able to produce and sell quality products and services, take care of environment protection and safety and health at work of all employees. This kind of direction provides a long term business power for ITW Metalflex and includes our company in the circle world recognized, successful, environment and employees friendly and quality prestigious organizations.


Andrej Ivančič, BUM