Scholarship scheme

ITW Appliance Components has been providing scholarships for students of technical studies for many years now and we plan to do it in the future as well.

Among scholars, there are students of different years of study of:

  • mechanical engineering and
  • electrical engineering.

The company makes use of the opportunities offered by the so called scholarship schemes. Currently, we are included through Soča Valley Development Centre in the Regional Scholarship Scheme, which allow the employer to receive co-financing of cadre scholarships from the available public funds. After having finished their education, scholars have to be employed in the company for an indefinite time lasting at least as long as it lasted the scholarship. Every student has to be placed to a suitable work post. The number of scholars in the school year 2013/2014 was seven, where as five ex scholars have been employed in the company in the last three years.

The demand for scholarships is growing every year and we strongly appreciate all informative requests of the eventual candidates. As well as all other employees, ITW Appliance Components is obliged to inform Soča Valley Development Centre (in spring or summer time) about the need of skilled students which could be granted a scholarship for the current year. Based on the needs, Soča Valley Development Centre calls for public competition of scholarships later on in September.

All those students of the above mentioned technical studies, who would like to receive some extra information on our scholarship scheme, can contact us either via phone or e-mail.